What is Root Bounding and How to grow Root-bound plants by root pruning

In this Article, you will learn about Root Bounding and How to get rid of Root-bound plants by root pruning or trimming.

What is Root Bounding?
In Home Gardening, you most often use potted plants and end up with the issue of root-bound plants. This is when the pot soil is full of roots all over. This happens when the plant grows and matures and there is no space for root development and eventually, the roots grow to the shape of the pot and the growth of the plant stops and the plant may even die. And.. Root Pruning or trimming comes to the rescue here which prevents root bounding and plant growth continues. This is also the concept for Bonsai tree making in shallow pots.

If you start seeing that the leaves are turning yellow or the whole plant is wilting, check for root-bounding in the pot. Chances are you have one of those rootbound plants and will have to perform some root pruning to help this plant survive.

When you cut roots, you need to be little careful but do not get scared. Do it selectively and if you are repotting in the same pot, you need to cut some or more roots carefully. If you are shifting to a larger pot, root pruning is generally not required.
There are two types of roots – the Tap roots and Fibrous roots (thread roots). Pruning of Fibrous roots is generally done for root bounding. After root pruning make sure to give plenty of water and fertilizer like NPK 20 20 20.

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