Tips to boost Flowering in any Plant like Hibiscus or Rose – Bloom booster secrets

Today we will look into the Top 10 Hacks and Tips to boost Flowering in any plant like Hibiscus plant and maintain the blooms all year round. These tips are very easy to follow and watch all the ten tips till the end plus a bonus hack at the end.

Hibiscus or Hibiscus plants have gorgeous flowers that can make any garden look spectacular. The flowers are bright and colorful with different colors like red, yellow, pink and white.

Remember: the only way to make your hibiscus produce flowers is to KEEP IT HAPPY AND STRSS FREE. And this is really not a difficult task and with very little efforts like following these 10 tips, can keep it blooming everyday throughout the year and it is actually possible.

10. REPOTTING: This is the first job you do when you bring your hibiscus plant from a nursery or a garden store. This is the most important step, because you need to mix few important ingredients into the soil during repotting and these things you will learn further as we go on with the other tips till the end.

9. CONTAINER SIZE: The concept here is: if you choose a deep container, it will focus more on root development and less on flower production. The best one is a container that is wider than the usual nursery pot, but still not too deep. This way you will make your hibiscus strong and make it produce more flowers.

8. LOCATION: the Hibiscus plants should be grown in areas of the garden that are situated away from the traffic and pollution. And also in a location that’s not disturbed by frequent movements from people and animals or even your pets. Best places with plenty of sunlight are the patios, balconies and terrace.

7. SOIL: Hibiscus prefers a slightly acidic soil and a soil rich in organic matter. You can use the well draining Universal Potting Soil plus add few extra things which will be summarised at the end of the video. Please watch my separate video on the Universal Potting Soil and Potting Mix after your finish this video from the end screen links. Anyways, During repotting, add Additional 10 percent compost like decomposed cowdung or horsedung or even vermicompost. For making it acidic, if you have a soil ph tester its really good, otherwise you can water it weekly with about 5 – 10 ml Vinegar solution mixed in one litre of water.

6. FERTILIZER: Its just a flowering plant, you can use both inorganic and organic fertlizers for this plant. You have to follow a cycle of Alternate use of NPK and DAP crystals every 15 days. You can use NPK 20 20 20 crystals about 5 to 6 larger crystals or about 10 smaller crystals into a 12 inch pot and then the next 15 days, you can use DAP crystals about the same quantity. You can watch my detailed video on NPK crystals at the end of the video from the end screen links. If you do not have NPK, you can use decomposed horsedung or cowdung powder on the top layer of the soil once every month after raking the soil.

5. RAKING THE SOIL: This is an important step before applying any fertilizer or manure to your plant. Raking the soil is recommended once every 15 days. Make it a habit to rake the soil and then apply your fertilizer.

4. WATERING: If you are growing in containers, daily watering is must and do not worry about over watering if are using a well drained soil. If its planted in ground, watering twice weekly is sufficient.

3. SUNLIGHT: Place your plant in a location where you get adequate sunlight. Atleast 6 hours to 8 hours DIRECT SUNLIGHT is compulsory for hibiscus.

2. PRUNING: Pruning hibiscus from time to time is essential for maintaining blooms in hibisucus. Remove any dead or unhealthy looking branches. You can also prune those branches which do not have buds or which have already produced flowers.

1. PEST CONTROL: The Most important factor according to me, to keep the plant healthy and blooming. Examine the plant closely for pests and insects including underside of the leaves. Common pests like whiteflies, aphids, mealybugs can be easily eliminated using either neem oil spray alone or a mix of neem oil + liquid soap in water. I have a detailed video on this topic – on 5 ways to eliminate Aphids, Mealy bugs and White flies. Please follow this from the card at the top right corner of this video or at the end screen. But first lets complete this video.

Now finally a SIMPLE HACK – Which is a nursery secret! I have already disclosed this in one of my video called Bone in Gardening. Once I incidentally found a small piece of long bone during repotting hibiscus bought from a nursery store. So, this hack perhaps keeps releasing the element phosphorous into the soil for producing good blooms in these plants. SO you can either do this or use STEAMED BONE MEAL POWDER easily available at garden stores or even online. Mix a teaspoon of bonemeal powder into the soil during repotting.

So, there we have it folks, those were the top 10 tips to increase flowering or boosting your hibiscus blooms. If you like the tips, please share it on social media and friends.

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