Pots and Planters – Different Types and Size Dimensions

In this Article, We will quickly walkthrough the various planter pot sizes and types. Gardening Planter Pots – Different Types and Size Dimensions – Vertical Garden Pots.

Large ones – of 18 inches diameter and 24 inches height. This container typically supports a palm from four to eight feet size. You can plant anything in this type of pot, if you want to grow large sized plants or even trees.

Then 12 inch Pots, that is 12 inches in diameter and 12 inches in depth. These are most commonly used pots by everyone. These are used to put medium sized plants. These pots are also less priced.

Then 4 inch to 8 inch smaller Pots. These are most commonly used by gardeners in nurseries to sell the plants, as it works out very economical for them.

Plastic pots are better avoided if you are keeping them in full sunlight. It generates lot of heat and your plant roots might burn due to this. Plastic pots also come in various sizes and shapes.

Then Plastic Rectangular shaped Pots, ideal for vegetable kitchen gardening. The depth of these pots is lesser.

Vertical Garden Pots – These are small plastic pots with hangers, used exclusively for vertical gardening. They are hung to a pre-made GI template or to wires as seen here. They have to kept close to each other, and once the plants grow nicely, they cover the entire wall and give a wonderful vertical garden look.

Lastly – The Hanging pots. Plastic hanging pots are most commonly used. Various designer pots in coir are also available and are expensive.

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