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BEST FERTILIZER RECIPE: DIY 100% Organic Fertiliser Mixture with NPK 22-25-07

Today we will look into the best recipe for an All-Purpose Mixed Pure Organic Fertlizer Powder you can prepare yourself at home and store it and use on your plants for best results. I will also recommend you a similar 100% organic pesticide recipe at the end of this episode. Going completely organic has been […]

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Goat Dung or Sheep Dropping – The Best Free Organic Fertilizer for Gardening

I Am sure most of us are familiar with Cow dung and horse dung in gardening and farming. But How about using Goat Dung or the Sheep Dung. Yes,  in this episode we will look into the 10 benefits of using  goat droppings  for enriching your soil, and whether we can use fresh  goat pellets […]

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