Mandy’s Farm Natural Recycled Wood Ash for Horticultural Use (1kg)

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Mandy&aposs Farm is the sole supplier of Horticultural-grade Wood Ash in India. Mandy&aposs Farm is India&aposs first online store for organic urban farmers, offering a complete range of natural and organic soil amendments. We are a research-based organization that may be 100% committed to organic, natural and clean ways of growing. We ask all buyers to at all times check the expertise of their sellers and not get duped by irresponsible folks selling fake, toxic or chemical-laden soil amendments. From Mandy&aposs Farm, you&aposll expect nothing not up to 100% authenticity in all our products – and at the most efficient price imaginable. Please talk over with us to be informed more about how we stand by our products, the importance of urban farming and growing organically for ourselves, our children, our planet, and our future. http://mumbaifarmer.com

BEWARE OF UNAUTHORISED, FAKE & INFERIOR PRODUCTS from Shree Trade Link, Akshara & other entities. Mandy&aposs Farm has NO authorised resellers online. Purchase your Mandy&aposs Farm products from Mandy&aposs Farm seller only for a guaranteed authentic product.
One kilo of finely-powdered, greyish-brown, horticultural-grade Wood Ash (aka Potash)
Non-toxic and secure to be used in your farm or garden * Natural and organic soil amendment recycled from fire-pits. Integrate into your Potting Mix for flowering or vegetative plants or spray on foliage
Increases soil alkalinity for rooting vegetables and certain flowering species – A highly effective natural insecticide and fungicide