Divine Tree Miracle Grow Npk Fertilizer All Purpose Water Soluble Plant Food (10 g)

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Size:10 G

Miracle Grow

  • All purpose water soluble plant food
  • Pre-Measured Packets
  • Packing 10g
  • Manufacturer:Divine Tree
  • Benefits of Miracle Grow

  • Grow more spectacular flowers, bigger vegetables, lush foliage and stronger trees and shrubs!
  • Instantly feeds via both the leaves (foliar) and roots (soil zones).
  • Ideal for all plants indoor and outside and all soil conditions.
  • How to Apply


  • Dilute 1 packet Miracle Grow in 5ltr water.
  • Use 5ltr water can for each 10 square feet of flowers and vegetables area, Apply each 7 to 14 days.
  • For big flower plant use 5ltr per plant and for small flower plant use 3ltr per plant

  • Mix 1/2 teaspoon (no longer tablespoon) in 5ltr water. Apply each 2 weeks. We don&apost recommend foliar (leaf) feeding for houseplants.
  • Note: Apply Light watering before or after applying Miracle Grow

    Storage and Precautions

  • Store in a dry location. Keep out of succeed in of youngsters. Close tightly after use and don&apost freeze.
  • Right away feeds to grow bigger, more beautiful plants
    For Indoor and outside plants
    To be had in 10g Pouch