Bio Drops Bokashi Bucket Indoor Composer 30 litres (White and Green)

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BIO Drops Bokashi Bin :A major problem faced by communities throughout our country is the treatment, disposal and or recycling of solid wastes or wet waste. Generally solid waste from a community consists of biodegradable organic materials.

Nearly 95 percent of the waste is generated in the city is disposed in land fill. Which pollutes the ground water also, flies, mosquitoes and many other pests breed on the waste and unless properly maintained, the dumps are a public health hazard. To avoid disposal of food waste we have introduced Bio Drops Bokashi Bucket/Bin is a compost maker by using this, you can compost most kitchen food waste including fresh fruit and vegetables, prepared foods, cooked and uncooked meats and fish, cheese, eggs, bread, coffee grinds, teabags, wilted flowers and tissues. The Bio Drops Bokashi Bin compost maker is ecobin  used around the world to manage food-waste through an anaerobic fermentation system with out giving out any bad odour or germs from the wet waste.

The Package Consists of 

  • Bokashi Bucket /BIN
  • Bokashi compost maker powder

Material: Plastic, Color: White & Green
Includes compost Bokashi Bin / Bucket , Bokashi compost maker, detailed instruction manual
Convert waste to compost
No foul smell,No pests,No worms
Thread type tap