Vegetables Seeds to Sow in Monsoon (Rainy season seeds) in India

Hello Friends!  In this article, we will quickly look at some vegetables gardening tips for this monsoon peak period of August and also will show you the results of some of the seeds sown about 12 days back – watch video at the end of this article.

Here, Summer is completely gone and monsoon is at its peak and this month of  August is the best time for sowing vegetable seeds.

As I have discussed in one of my videos titled 15 major gardening mistakes, one of them is sowing wrong seeds in the wrong time. So, Some Vegetables and fruits grow only in certain Temperatures, Humidity, and Soil PH levels, so it is critical to know which season is compatible to grow our plants.

In India, We have three main seasons:

Summer or Pre-monsoon season – Occurring from April to June
Monsoon or Rainy season -Lasting from July to September
Winter season – Lasting from December to Feb.

In July, the rains start and temperature levels fall and the soil cools down. So,  August is the ideal time to sow some vegetable seeds.

Well, we will list out the vegetable seeds one by one with results of some of them. But before that, I want to share you this package of seeds containing 45 different varieties, I purchased this from amazon website.  It came in a very well packaged and well arranged container and also comes with an instruction leaflet. Initially I did not believe this, but the results were really exceptional.



So, lets start:

  1. All Types of Gourds and Squashes: Like Bitter Gourd, Ridge Gourd, Bottle Gourd, Pumpkins and many others including cucumber. You can see, I have sown these gourds. Theres nothing special about the sowing technique. Just remember a simple tip on the depth of sowing,  like you need to sow double the thickness of the seed. You can checkout my video on 25 seed hacks from my video collection.

You can watch video below to see the results. Will update your on how these thrive further possibly at facebook or instagram,

  1. Radish, Carrots and also beets and Onions, now or after a month. Choose deeper containers for these underground veggies or root crops. And also maintain sufficient spacing when you sow these. You can see the result of some of these.
  2. Beans and Peas: This is the best season for sowing beans and peas. Just sow them normally and see the result in few days.
  3. Green Leafy vegetables, you can get good results with Spinach, Lettuce, Coriander, and others. You can see the results of this package on your screen.
  4. Well, next. You can also sow Other seeds like Tomatoes, Brinjals, cauliflowers and capsicum.

The results of this online seeds was 99 percent to me, that’s really exceptional. You get lot of  varieties of veg seeds in this package for just 250 INR, that’s less than about 4 US dollars.



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