TEA WASTE: Used Tea Bags and Coffee Grounds – Benefits | Homemade Organic Fertilizer

Many of us enjoy tea or coffee on a daily basis and you must be pleased to know that our plants and garden also enjoy these beverages as well, but at zero cost. In this video, Let’s learn about the top benefits of using used tea bags or tea waste and also used coffee grounds for our plants and garden. And at the end of the video, How to make and store tea waste fertilizer that can be used consistently for your flowering plants plus the dosage to offer for these plants.

What is garbage in your kitchen can actually turn into treasure in your garden! Used Tea and Coffee grounds have unique uses in garden. We will quickly look into the top benefits of tea waste and coffee grounds for plants and garden.

1. As An excellent ORGANIC FERTILIZER. The tea and coffee wastes contain tannic acid and other nutrients. Best use is on flowering plants like the rose which can increase flowering in these plants both in quality and quantity. Lets first quickly list out at all the other benefits first, then at the end will discuss on how to make this fertilizer and how to use it.
2. In Composting: Best used in vermicomposting, because the worms love these and digest them fast to produce results fast. That means it speeds up the process of vermicomposting. Most of the tea bags can be dropped into the compost bin as it is, because they are made up of bio-degradable material, exception is polypropylene bags which look like plastic.
3. Weed suppression : Tea bags waste also helps prevent growth of unwanted plants that is weeds if sprinkled around your plants.
4. Keep your pets like Cats away from your plants – like you can stop them from urinating on your favourite plants – both indoors as well as outdoor plants.
5. Drive away Certain pests like the root maggots, slugs, snails and cockroaches.
6. Offer a Slightly Acidic PH to acid loving plants. It slightly lowers the soil PH due to its tannic acid content and hence benefit acid loving plants.
7. Making a well drained potting mix: You can used this dried tea waste as an alternative to perlite and vermiculite as it also helps in moisture retention and makes a well draining soil for container gardening. You can watch my separate video on What is Perlite and Vermiculite from a link at top right corner of this video.
Okay, Now How to make this awesome tea waste fertilizer for rose and other flowering plants and how much to offer them. For this you start collecting the used tea or coffee grounds in a container and then rinse in water and dry this in sunlight for 1 or 2 days and then store this in a dry container. That’s it, you can now start offering this to your plants once every 15 days, like about 4 – 5 teaspoons onto the soil after raking the soil thoroughly. This will boost flowering and overall health of the plants. One more bonus tip here is: You can make this mix more special and powerful just like a Multi-vitamin for your plants: by mixing some powdered iron tablets + few calcium tablets available from your local pharmacy. You can also add egg shell powder as a substitute for calcium. Please also watch my video on egg shell uses in gardening from the link at top right corner of this video.

So there we have it folks, that was our quick episode on using used tea bags or tea waste as fertilizer on your plants.


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