Roseapple from Seed Germination – How to Grow Gulabi Jaam Plant

Today we are going to show you an experiment with different methods on how to germinate rose apple fruit seeds also known as the Gulabi Jaam fruit seeds.

Roseapples are rich in Vitamin C, Dietary Fiber, Vitamin A, Calcium, Iron and other minerals.

There are many health benefits of roseapple like disease control, digestion, cancer prevention, etc.

COming back to the experiment, Here we have three gulabi jaam or the rose apple fruit seeds.

A zip-lock bag, a paper towel and a spray can.

Here we have cut open one seed to show you the internal structure.

Okay, coming back to the experiment. Here we are peeling one seed without damaging the inner parts and then keeping it in a paper towel for germination.

THen coming to the next seed, It has been kept soaked for 6 hours before putting in the paper towel.

Now we are going to take the paper towel, and put all the seeds in it.
Close it nicely so that all the seeds get covered.
Now wet the paper towel with the spray can.
Then place it in the zip lock bag.

Don’t forget to label it. You can write the name and date and then store it in a dry, dark and warm place.
I prefer to keep it under my covered counter wash basin.

and thats it.
Now lets wait for four to five days and then check the results.

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