Rooftop Terrace Gardening Ideas and Secret FAQs

Today we will look into Ten commonly asked Questions on Rooftop or Terrace Gardening Ideas and problems like – Is terrace gardening bad for the building? Can I grow fruit trees on terrace? What Type of Soil to use for terrace farming?  How to build terrace garden and how much does it cost? And many other interesting questions.  

  • What is terrace gardening or rooftop gardening?  In simple words it means gardening or farming or growing plants on your terrace or rooftop. If you live in a city without access to land for growing plants, a roof or terrace garden is the best option.   
  • Is terrace gardening bad for the building?  What are the drawbacks of gardening in terrace?

Well the answer depends on two important factors. Firstly the weight of your Terrace garden, I mean total weight including containers, potting soil, plants and all the load. Secondly the Construction quality of your building whether its build very well including concrete columns, the thickness of walls and the thickness of the slab, the span of a room and so on. Generally you might have to be careful only if you building is too old or if you are just not confident on this aspect. Otherwise, if carefully planned there should not be any problem of loads arising due to terrace gardening, specially if you grow plants in containers and place them along the walls on the terrace, whatever the weight of the container might be.

  • How do I start terrace gardening in a small limited space on my teres?  Simplest way is to start with some plants or veggies in containers. If you want to expand, you need to plan it well, specially if the space is limited. You might want to consider the two step or three step pot stands to arrange your plants in step like fashion to save space. And its just common sense and you can apply your own ideas to save space.
  • What type of plants can I choose for terrace gardening.
    You can grow any plant on your terrace garden whether ornamental plants or vegetable gardening or even fruit trees in large containers.
  • How can I plant fruit trees (like mango or banana trees) on a terrace garden? Yes you can grow them but you need the largest possible containers, atleast 24 inch diameter and 24 inch height by dimensions. To reduce the load on your building, consider using the fabric bags of 24 inch or 30 inch diameter.These can be purchased from amazon, I have linked that below in video description.  Also choose a light weight potting mix and the placement of such heavy containers also should be done smartly like next to or on top of a column or over and along the building main walls.
  • Should I waterproof the terrace before starting a terrace garden?
    Not necessarily, unless you plant to build raised bed terrace garden. If you grow in container, you only need to check whether the water draining out of the pots is easily flowing out of the terrace and not stagnant.
  • What type of soil should I use for terrace gardening?
    As I already discussed,to reduce the load, you need a light weight potting mix. One such formula is 40 percent cocopeat or peatmoss, 20 percent perlite or vermiculite, 20 percent garden soil, 20 percent compost. That’s 40, 20, 20, 20.
  • What are the practical ways to attract birds on your terrace or garden?

This is infact a vast topic. We will discuss in detail in some other episode.  Simplest way is to keep some water for birds or even bird feeders Or a bird house, keeping them some seeds and so on.

  • Can we install drip irrigation system on terrace garden? Infact this is one of the best options for watering on your terrace, specially if your plants are in hot sun with no green shade net. And more over, the watering hose pressure is very low on the terrace and it takes a long time to water your plants. You might require to install a pump to get that proper pressure to water your plants. Drip irrigation system is also a good option and its not that difficult to install and not that expensive. You get many options to purchase online like 100 pots, 300 pots and 500 pots options and sets. You can get one HERE.

  • How do I build my terrace garden permanently with green shadehouse and how much does it cost?
    Well, I have a detailed article and video on this topic titled the Making of My Shadehouse Terrace garden.
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