In today’s post, we will look into the right methods to prepare and use banana peel fertilizer and banana tea to induce enormous flowering and fruiting in your plants.

Before you throw away banana peels to trash, think twice! Banana peel is one of the highest organic sources of potassium. Potassium helps your plants by strengthening the stems and protects them from disease. It also helps the flowering process and is thought to be able to improve the quality of the fruit of your plants. Also in addition to potassium, it also contains phosphorous and calcium which are equally important for plants.

Let’s start the recipe for making banana peel fertilizer and then banana tea.

For Making Banana Peel Fertilizer:

  1. Collect some banana peels, preferably from ripe bananas.
  2. Next step is to dry these peels. You can dry whole peels or cut them into pieces for faster drying. You can sun dry them for atleast 2 days so that they become crisp and should break easily when you crush them. You can also dry them in microwave oven if you do not have adequate sunlight.
  3. Then once they are crispy and black, crush them to make a powder. That is it!
  4. This powder is our banana peel fertilizer powder.
  5. You can add one table spoon every 15 days around your plant  and then water your plant. Preferably raking the soil before application is recommended. You should see some positive results within 3 months.

Then For Making Banana Peel Tea:

  1. You can take some banana peels and cut them into small pieces of any size.
  2. Add them into a bowl or any container.
  3. Add water to the container to soak these peels for atleast 3 days. All the nutrients from banana peel, mainly potassium is released into this water.
  4. You can discard the banana peels and use this banana tea in 1:5 dilution to water your plants.

Adding or burying raw banana peels directly into the soil around plants is not recommended, because its not only attracts insects and maggots but also it takes a long time to decompose and in its process of decomposition, it might even steal away nitrogen from the soil and your plant might develop nitrogen deficiency.

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