Unique Plastic 50% Sun Blockage Shade Net with Gripping Clips (5m x 6m, Green)

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Size:5m x 6m

These nets are U.V stabilized with higher degree of stabilization to prevent nets from degradation by ultra violet ray of sun and thus they last more than others. Our shade nets helps in controlling temperature, light, water and moisture as per your requirement and thus resulting in best output and quality of crop. They give protection to the crop against the heavy rain and air. Shade nets enables the farmer to best utilize the waste land and increase the cultivation area for increasing the output. With green net even small piece of land can yield in high output. The level of carbon dioxide remains high in green house which increases the photosynthesis process and results in higher yield of the crop cultivated. With green house the environment of the crop may also be controlled resulting in healthy crop with better quality and better yield.

Breathable material design allows cooling breezes and light to pass through for better airy and comfortable space, allows rains to pass through, so there is not any pooling water
Save your plants from the extreme heat all through the summers or the freezing dew all through the winter nights
Constructed of prime quality UV safe high density polyethylene (HDPE) shade cloth
Ideal shade solutions widely used over a patio, lawn, garden, balcony, pool, pond driveway or other out of doors area to give protection to 50 percent sunshade and give protection to against harmful UV rays and make your patio privacy secure, cool and fabulous