Spintech Polyethylene Portable Twin Drum Composter

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– Exclusive two drum design for two separate compost cooking cycle. When one drum is full leave it for finishing and curing, you continue to fill another drum. By the time the second drum is full dispense the compost from the first drum which is ready to use for your potting. Good management of your two drum tumblers can result in a continuous flow of ready to use compost. – Both the drum spins independently on a central axis, which is a heavy-duty stainless steel tubing. This rustproof and can take a load when both the drums are full. -Five deep grooved molded fines are provided to efficiently turn, aerate and break up clumps/ balls. It also spread the moisture evenly. These fines are used as a handle to rotate and even children can rotate easily. -Four aeration vents are provided on both sides which give adequate supply of oxygen to thrive the microbes and to increase their population and rapid composting achieved. – Sliding doors are of adequate size, are provided for loading the organic waste and dispensing the compost after finishing. – Drums are made out of UV Stabilized Polyethylene which is rustproof and last long. It is triple-layer construction, the polyethylene foam layer is in the middle. This gives structural stability to the drums as well as retains the heat evolved during composting to accelerate the process. – It is fully enclosed for excellent odor control. – Mounted on a heavy-duty powder coated tubular stand, which is off the ground, keeps the rodents, critters away. It is a dog and monkey proof. – It is colorful, aesthetic in look, matches to your landscape and interiors. – It is user-friendly, budget-friendly and suitable for apartment owners who can locate in their balcony or washing place. – Capacity: A total of 120 liters Can take up to 1 to 1.5 Kg of ( Green + Brown) waste per day. Each drum volume is 60 liters.

Portable, Aesthetic, and Long-lasting
Do composting your household waste to fullfill the dream Swachh Bharat
Specially UV resistant and Thermo control polyethylene drum
Gives Compost within 2 – 4 weeks, Less Space – More Benefits