Sobo Aquarium Air Pump 2 Nozzle (SB-9905A)

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Sobo Aquarium Air Pump 2 Nozzle With 3 Meter Air Pipe And 2 Air Stone By Jainsons

SOBO air pump makes low noise when working. It may be connected with almost any air pipe so that you can facilitate the generation of more oxygen into your aquarium.

The air pump will help to release oxygen into water. This process is extremely a good option for your aquarium fish as it helps to get rid of the impure gases as well.

The circulation of water will also be achieved by a good filter as well but an air pump will reinforce the result drastically.

It does not end here you’ll attach the air pump with more than a few ornamental decorations in your aquarium to increase its aesthetic appeal.

Technical features:

  • Ac 220~240V
  • Frequency: 50/60Hz
  • Power: 4.2W
  • Output: 2×5.5L/min
  • Pressure: 2×0.15Mpa


  1. Long lasting performance
  2. Energy saving design
  3. With low noise and big output
  4. 2 speed control
  5. Twin outlet

Product Dimension: (LxBxH)-12x9x4 cm, Connecting Wire: 60cm

Instruction for use:

  • Connect pump to air stone or filter via air pipe.
  • Plug into 220~240 volt power point.
  • To prolong pump life, replace air stones incessantly.
  • Never allow pump to come into contact with water.

Important Safeguard:

Disconnect all of the plugs of the electrical aquarium appliances before putting hands into the water.

We recommended that air pump and other electrical aquarium devices, will have to be connected to power supplies with ground fault circuit interrupters.

Sobo Aquarium Air Pump 2 Nozzle With 3 Meter Air Pipe And 2 Air Stone By Jainsons
Low noise, High efficiency and low energy consumption
Reliable function and long working life.
Suitable for commercial aeration of aquatic animal environments