Green and Pure – Organic Steamed Bone Meal Fertilizer for Organic Gardening | Hydroponics | Tissue Culture | Interiorscaping | Floriculture – 900 GMS

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Size:900 Gms

Green and Pure – Bone meal is made from crushed animal bones. It is used as an organic fertilizer for plants.This optimal plant nutritional content fertilizer accommodates 3% nitrogen, 15% phosphorus, and 24% organic calcium. Phosphorus is necessary for plant root growth, seed germination, and blooming, at the same time as nitrogen is very important for protein synthesis in the cells and tissues of nearly each living organism in the world–plant and animal. Calcium is another essential natural mineral that helps produce strong buds and blooms at the same time as reinforcing root strength and preventing “blossom end rot” in plants such as Tomatoes and Cucumbers. Since bones are primarily made from calcium, the animal bone meal is a brilliant choice for inexpensive sources of calcium in fertilizers. This Bone meal fertilizer is pure unadulterated and free from pesticides and Hormones.

1.) Excellent source of Phosphorous and Calcium.
2.) Finely ground, thus provide a quicker release of nutrients than the other coarser ground version of Bone Meal.
3.)Quicker release of Phosphorous and Calcium than other organic fertilizers stimulates root development and increases crop yield.

Application: Apply 25 grams of bone meal at a frequency of 3 weeks for Potted Plants.

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Great source of Organic Phosphorous, which helps with Cell and Seed Formation, Cell Division, and Root Growth in plants. Also, this can be a great source of Organic Calcium (24%) supplement.
It Can be utilized in any situation, where a controlled release form of Phosphorous is needed.Bone Meal is widely used for balancing out higher Nitrogen, and organic soil amendments.
Bone meal is an organic manure rich in phosphorus, calcium and nitrogen, beneficial for all crops.
It is especially good for better Root Development and Increased yield. Major Ingredients- Crushed Bones. Finely ground, thus provide a quicker release of nutrients than the other coarser ground version of Bone Meal.
It is ideal for Green roofs/Terrace gardening, Tissue culture, Hydroponics, Container growing, Floriculture, Home and Interior gardens, Nursery stocks, Interiorscapes, Ornamental plants, Horticulture, Vegetables, Shrubs, Fruit trees, Cactus, Xerophytes, Bonsai suitable , Seed starting, Root cuttings, Storing flower bulbs and tubers, and so on.