Casa De Amor Water Retaining Super Absorbent Polymer for Soil Mixing and Hydroponics Gardening – 250gms

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This is a speciality polymer, especially designed to be used in agriculture and horticulture. This super absorbent material can retain 500 to 1000 times water to its weight. Just dig 4 to 5 holes of 1inch diameter x 3 inches depth around the plant in your planter and add it approximately 1gm in each hole and add glassful of water. Cover the hole with soil. This super compound will swell and absorb the entire water and will slowly release it to nourish the plant. You’ll be able to also mix this super absorbent powder with soil and spread around the plant-roots. Mixing it with soil results in a light, fluffy, aerated soil, which is good for plant health and can be utilized for soil mix for roof top gardens with lighter soil. It’s because the soil now will provide more air for plants to breathe, aside from water retaining in pots. This water retaining polymer is absolutely non-toxic and bio-degradable. The compound will disintegrate into non- toxic substances in a year. So, this cost effective product proves to be super absorbent polymer for plants and you may also rest assured you do not wish to water the plants continuously and your plants remain content, happy and healthy!! Super Absorbent Polymer increases the water retention capacity of the soil Effectively reduces irrigation frequency It limits water and nutrient loss through soil leaching Super Absorbent Polymer Agriculture reduces evaporation rate preventing water loss It improves the physical properties of the soil by enhancing aeration Super Absorbent Polymer usage reduces water stress when mixed with a substrate Enhances plant growth by providing water and nutrients right at the root zone of the plants, reducing wastage Reduces erosion and water runoff Enhances plant performance, especially in arid areas Protects the environment against drought and groundwater contamination Acts as an insulating material for plant roots in frosty winter conditions Reduces fertilizer usage by 15 – 30%

Mini water reservoirs for providing stable supply of water and nutrients to plants
400% increase in soil water holding capacity, useful in drought prone areas
Rain-fed agriculture areas are provided with vadose zone water round the year
50% reduction in irrigation frequency, conserving water, time, manpower and money
15 – 20% reduction in quantity and application frequency of fertilizers and pesticides