Agro Green Biolife Organic Coir Pith | Cocopeat For Kitchen | Home | Terrace Garden – 10Kg ( 2 X 5Kg Blocks ) [ Expands Upto 100 Kgs (135 Litres) ]

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Size:10 Kg

Green And Pure – Organic Coir Pith / Coco Peat – 10 Kg – Expands Upto 100 Kgs ( 140 Litres ).
Natural Soil Conditioner : Enrich The Soil In Your Garden With The Green And Pure Coco Peat Block. If Gardening Is A Hobby Of Yours And You Spend A Lot Of Time Tending To Your Plants, Then This Block Is A Should-Have. Weighing 10Kg, This Coco Peat Block Provides The Easiest 100 Percent Natural Product, Which Is Useful For Healthy Plant Growth. All You Have To Do To Use This Soil Conditioner. Place It In A Bucket And Add About 50 Litres Of Water. Then Simply Wait Until The Block Expands And Slowly Stir It Until The Soil Loosens. After This, The Product Will Be In a position For You To Use.
For The Easiest Results Try Out Our Recommendations Below
Pot Mixture:
Start With A Mixture Of The Following 3 Items In In 25:25:50 Ratio
1) Green And Pure – Organic Coir Pith / Coco Peat 2) Green And Pure – Vermicompost 3) Soil
Green And Pure – Organic Coir Pith / Coco Peat Helps To Increase Water Holding Capacity Of Growing Medium And Also In Easy Penetration Of Roots.

100 % Organic Quality Product from Green and Pure
Green and Pure – Coco Peat Block is Easy to make use of! Just put your compressed Coco Peat brick in a container, add warm water and let it sit down until the water is absorbed, fluff it up and you are prepared to make use of Coco Peat!
It has ability to store and release nutrient to plants for extended periods of time. It also has great oxygenation properties which is vital for healthy root development and immune to Bacterial & Fungal Growth.
Green and Pure Coco Peat hold water 8-9 times of its weight. It requires Less Irrigation, Bio degradable; Very good wet ability, Ability to retain nutrients against leaching and to buffer supply, Good drainage / aeration, Less shrinkage, Retains physical properties longer.
Reduces watering frequency without plant stress, thereby reducing labor costs and minimizing plant loss , Increases shelf life of plants. Easiest Suitable For Home Garden, Terrace Gardening, Kitchen Gardening, Terrace Poly House Gardening & Roof Most sensible Balcony Gardening.