Divinext 3 in 1 Garden Soil Plant Moisture Humidity PH and Light Tester Meter

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Assists in Growing Healthy Plants & Flowers Fosmon&aposs 3 in 1 meter will lend a hand in growing healthy plants. It works well in vegetable gardens, flower gardens, lawns and potted plants. One of the best ways to make sure your plants reach their full potential is by determining you probably have the right kind soil conditions. The Fosmon pH Meter not only indicates the amount of alkalinity or acidity in the soil, however it also measures moisture content and light amounts. pH Meter The pH meter will measure acidic or alkaline soil conditions with its pH level meter. Moisture Content Meter To be sure to have the right kind moisture content to steer clear of over or under watering, utilize the Moisture Content Meter. Light Amount Meter Plants and flowers need the right kind amount of light. This meter as the ability to measure light amount.

[3-IN-1] Three soil tester pH/Acidity Level, Moisture Content, and Light Amount to indicate soil correctly and efficiently.