In Today’s article, we will look into 5 powerful benefits of attracting or inviting birds in your garden. Plus we will also learn some simple ways to attract them to your garden including a simple easy to make DIY bird water feeder and also some inexpensive ready to buy bird feeders and bird houses.

Birds are rightly called “The Beautiful Pest Eliminators” of our garden. If you have birds fluttering around your garden, it’s not only a beautiful sight, but also a sign of a healthy environment. You want to attract birds to establish an ecological balance in the garden and moreover attracting birds to your garden can be fun & educational.

Let’s list out the 5 important benefits of attracting birds to your garden:

  1. PEST ELIMINATION: As already said, they are the beautiful pest eliminators of our garden. They act as pest controllers of everything from snails, caterpillars, aphids, mealybugs and many other pests.
  2. POLLINATION: The birds help fertilize plants in the same way as any other pollinator like honey bees and butterflies, that is by transferring pollen from one flower to another.
  3. WEED CONTROL: Sparrows, finches, and other birds eat weed seeds, eliminating the unwanted plants or weeds.
  4. STRESS RELIEF: Yes!  Watching birds, interacting with them, listening to their songs can certainly help relieve stress and promote well-being.

Having said that, now let’s look into some easy ways to attract birds to your garden.

What do birds need? Well, they look out for three basic needs:  Food, Water  & Shelter.

  1. First step is to stop using chemical fertilizers and pesticides. I have discussed on these issues and using natural fertilizers and pesticides in my previous videos; you can check those from links in description.
  2. Provide Food and Water to birds – like installing simple bird feeders and bird baths in your favourite spots in garden. Add simple bird food like sunflower seeds or anything that’s available at your local pet store, including the mixed seeds to attract a variety of birds.
  3. Provide Shelter – like installing bird houses and stuff like that to provide shelter. If you have larger trees in your garden, it’s an added advantage.

Now lastly coming to the Bird Feeders: There are several types of feeders to choose. You can hang feeders from hooks. You can even make your own DIY bird feeders from plastic bottles.  
Take any sized plastic plate or a tray like this.
Fix the bottle cork to the centre of this tray. Bolting this is a good idea to make it sturdy. Also try to prevent any leaks.
Make holes like this near the bottle mouth.
Fill the bottle and cork the tray to the bottle and invert this set up.
You can hang this simple DIY water feeder for birds in your garden using some strings.

This is an inexpensive plastic bird feeder.


It’s easy to assemble. Just fix the plate with the provided screws. Then fill the bird food and hang it in your garden.

Remember! Attracting birds to your garden is not an instant process. It might take few days for birds to find your feeders and then become your frequent garden visitors.

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