Dangers of Chemical Fertilizers and Pesticides

Today we will discuss on a very important topic – Dangers of Chemical Fertilizers and Pesticides and the best alternatives to chemical NPK fertilizers and chemical pesticides to protect our mother nature. 

We all know that plants need Major Primary Nutrients – that’s NPK – nitrogen phosphrous and potassium and also the Secondary or trace or micro nutrients like calcium, magnesium, sulfur, iron, boron, zinc, and so on. These are either derived from

  1. Natural sources – what we call Organic Fertilizers for example, Cow dung, vermicompost and many other stuff.
  2. Inorganic or Chemical Fertilizers like NPK crystals, DAP, Urea and so on.

Now I will list out the harmful negative effects or the dangers of Chemical fertilizers and Pesticides that you frequently use in farming or home gardening.  You please make a decision yourself after watching this video till the end. 

  1. Ground water Pollution:  Nitorgen fertilizers break down into nitrates and can easily go down into the soil. These are water-soluble and can accumulate in groundwater for decades. And if you keep adding more nitrogen over the years, this will have a cumulative effect. Moreover, these effects of chemical fertilizers are compounded when you mix or use a chemical pesticide.
    You know the Fertilizer Urea, produces ammonia and contributes to acid rain, groundwater contamination and ozone depletion due to release of nitrous oxide by denitrification process. If we continue this in future, this hazard may increase several fold in the coming decades.

And remember! studies have shown that  Groundwater contamination has been linked to stomach cancer, goitre (thyroid enlargement), birth defects in babies, and  also hypertension.  

Also Aquatic life is also significantly affected by water pollution and fish and other water animals may not get adequate oxygen and they can die. These are called Dead zones.

  • Air Pollution: Excessive use of chemical NPKs can release greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide and nitrous oxide into the atmosphere. These can cause respiratory problems, cardiac disease, and many cancers. A special mention about  the Blue Baby Syndrome, medically called methemoglobinemia occurs in infants and one cause of this problem is attributed to chemical over use and pollution where due to reduced oxygen in blood, the baby turns blue.
  • Fertilizer Burn: You can burn your favourite plants and crops if used excessively – specially leaf burn and root burn. This fertilizer burn can even kill your favourite plant in addition to the hazards it causes to the environment. This fertilizer burn will not happen when you use organic or natural fertilizers.
  • Depletion of Beneficial Organic Matter, beneficial Microbes and even Minerals from the Soil – that is reduced SOIL FERTILITY: This loss of organic matter can lead to soil acidification, soil compaction and hardening and other ill effects which makes it vulnerable to soil erosions. Researchers also say that depletion of minerals from the soil can also lead to low quality foods with lesser mineral and vitamin content.
  • Though chemical fertilizers will help plants grow faster; plants will not be healthy and strong as plants grown in this manner do not have enough time to mature and develop a strong root system and strong stems, or good nutritious fruits and vegetables. And also they will be less likely to survive because they will be more susceptible to pests and diseases as they lack good immune system against pest attacks.

The Bottom Line: is There is a large threat to environment, animals and human health; chemical fertilizers will ultimately end up leaking into our water bodies; ponds, streams, ground water etc. and contaminate water supply as a result of which humans as well as animals may suffer numerous short term and long term hazardous chemical effects on their health.

So, Lets together take a pledge today to stop using these chemical fertilizers and pesticides and start using organic fertilizers and pesticides to keep our mother earth safe, for the present and for the future!!!

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