COCO PEAT – Uses, Benefits and How to Use Cocopeat Block

What is Cocopeat ? What are its Uses and Benefits ?
Cocopeat is a natural fibre made out of coconut husks. The extraction of the coconut fibre from husks gives us this by-product called cocopeat. Cocopeat is a 100% natural growing medium. This cocopeat dried in the natural sun, are processed to produce different items namely cocopeat block, cocopeat briquettes, cocopeat disc and so on.. This makes an excellent growing medium for hydrophonics, or container plant growing. Clean coir has natural rooting hormones and anti-fungal properties.

Now, The various Benefits of cocopeat :

The properties of Coco Peat make it resistant to bacterial and fungal growth.

Coco Peat holds water rather than shedding it like traditional peat does! It holds 8-9 times its weight in water.

Coco Peat has the ability to store and release nutrient to plants for extended periods of time. It also has great oxygenation properties which is important for healthy root development.

It has a pH of 5.2-6.8 which is neutral to slightly acidic. This makes it great for alkaline garden soils.

Easy to use! Just put your compressed Coco Peat brick in a container, add 4 quarts of warm water and let it sit until the water is absorbed, fluff it up and you are ready to use Coco Peat!

Coco Peat can even be reused for up to 4 years!

It makes a great bedding material for worm bins! It’s actually good for them and increases worm growth by 25%.

Coco Peat is very slow to disintegrate; it only begins to break down when it is 10 years old, long term benefits.

It is very light and easy to handle.

It can be combined with any of the normal ingredients and use as a mixer or a stand-alone product.

An affordable price for a quality product with an environmentally sustainable future.

How to use a Cocopeat Block Brick?

Cocopeat is shipped in compressed form to reduce transport and handling costs. Converting cocopeat blocks to coir dust is easy. All you need to do is add water to the block and the block will puff up into moist fluffy cocopeat. Just add sufficient water to the block to make sufficient quantity of moist cocopeat. You can put away the unexpanded block for later use.

If you need to expand the whole block, immerse the block in a large tub capable of holding at least 25 litres of water. Remove the wet expanded cocopeat that floats in the water, while continuing to add water to the tub till the complete block is expanded.

If you are a large grower who needs to expand large number of cocopeat blocks, place the cocopeat blocks vertically with a distance of about 1 feet between them. Spray water from a hose on the cocopeat blocks while working on the blocks with hand to expand them into moist cocopeat. Another method is to use machinery to crush the block into powder and then use the dust.

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