BIN LADEN’s FRUIT: Is it Hybrid Apple Guava Strawberry Mix?

Today, am gonna tell you a story about this Pink Guava which I have termed as the bin ladens fruit. This story is really interesting with a moral to learn at the end of the story. I also tried growing these special fruit plants from its seeds and got great results. Please read the entire article.

Well, will start the story from a visit to one of my rich friends flat few months ago. He offered me this special looking fruit, which I had never seen before in my entire life. This was really looking special to me. Externally it looked like an apple. But when he sliced it into pieces and offered it me. The first piece I took into my mouth, wow! It was so yummy and so sweet to taste. It tasted something like special kind of guava to me but it looked like an apple. When I asked him the name of the fruit, he guessed it must be a strawberry guava, a special kind of fruit imported from Thailand. He also said, its available only to special people and through special connections and sold at Russels Market, one of the oldest and famous market of Bangalore. The cost of it is 500 Rs per piece (for international viewers, its about 75 USD roughly).

I happily ate the fruit and felt like a heavenly taste and then requested him to give me one fruit for my family.

Now it was the Time for me to experiment on this fruit. I will reveal the truth at the end. But before that, I will show u how I germinated its seeds and grew many plants out of this special fruit seeds.

Its Simple! take out as many seeds you want from the fruit and just put them in your seedling trays or any container with some compost in the seed starting mix. I just use a mix of cocopeat (70 percent) plus Perlite 10 percent and Compost like vermicompost 10 percent.

Just place the seeds into the cells and cover with some of this mix or cocopeat. Then pour water into the tray and that’s it. The watering will happen through the bottom holes if the soil mix is dry.

So heres the result after 8 days. The seeds have germinated.

Then the next result at 30 days.

Then I picked out these and transplanted them on separate containers.

Now Let me reveal the Climax of this story. I will continue and end the story. So, I brought one fruit for my family. This was packed in a tightly wrapped polythene with a tight clip on it. My friend had instructed me to always keep this in refrigerator and take out and eat immediately as per instructions of the seller. So I as a gardener, the main purpose to bring home the fruit was to grow many plants out of seeds of this special fruit. So, I opened the package and sliced it and found something suspicious about it. It was to me looking like guava inside with lot of guava seeds in it. I was pretty sure it was guava, a big sized fruit. Then when I closely looked at the outer peel, it was a magical coating with some sweet dye or  some colored sugar syrup on a neatly pealed, perhaps machine peeled guava fruit. This sugar syrup was adding to the sweetness of this fruit.

So, to conclude, this a a Bin Ladens Fruit, that’s a fake fruit, a virtual fruit created by fraudsters to cheat people. So, the moral of the story: Friends Beware of such special fruits in your local market that are high priced. Always remember my video and investigate whenever you come across such a fruit.

So, there you have it folks. If you found this video helpful, please give a thumbs up or like to the video. Also share this video below with your friends.



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