Hello SPRING! Welcome to our Garden! Today we will discuss on the Five Most important gardening tips and tasks to perform just before the onset of Spring. 

Spring is the most active and important period for gardening. Plants wake up from their sleeping period that is the dormancy or inactive period of winter. Applying these Five steps just before they start their active period really makes a lot of difference and helps them grow and yield better.

5: CLEAN UP YOUR GARDEN : This should be your first task if you do not do this regularly. You may see lot of debris like fallen leaves, twigs, dirt and other garbage. This should be done first because neat and clean garden makes a perfect scene.

4:  WEEDS: Early Spring weeds can be a nuisance. They can be a real problem and steal your plants nutrients from soil. Head out into the yard and start pulling those weeds. Make sure you pluck them at the root level so they don’t grow back again.

3: FERTILIZERS AND SOIL PREPARATION: winter season can make your soil hard and compact. You need not repot your plant completely into a new potting mix. Just till the top 1 or 2 inches of soil carefully without damaging your plant roots.  You can apply fertilizer over this or remove this soil if its too compact or if its just fine, then mix it with compost like decomposed cow dung powder or vermicompost – one or two handful of it. Mix it with this top soil and add it back to the plant. Make sure you add one handful of this once every 15 days. This is the time the growth picks up and fertilizing your plants is really important at this stage.

2: PRUNING – That’s trimming or cutting your plant branches. For most summer plants this is the best time to prune them, even hard pruning your older plants at this time.  Pruning encourages the plants to grow well and makes them bushy as the plant grows. You can watch a detailed video on how to prune and types of pruning from HERE

1: START PLANTING NEW SEEDS OR PLANTS: Depending on the zone your live, you can start your seeds like – summer vegetables or flowering plants. Will make a detailed video on this topic soon.

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