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 In this Gardening Article which is Part 4 of our Q and A Series on Gardening Ideas and Answers, will try to reveal 5 more interesting answers to gardening questions like:

Do Plants Feel Pain?

 Can Artificial LED grow lights help the plant in flowering and growth?

 Can I use Coffee as an effective pesticide on plants and how?

Plus a nice funny question at the end.

So Lets begin!

  1. Do plants feel Pain?

There are many studies and researches conducted on this topic.  Plants lack a nervous system – that is  a brain and other neurological structures like nerves and pain receptors, so they should not feel pain, unlike in humans and animals where we have specialised pain receptors.

But according to some researches, “Plant can know of themselves being eaten” because studies have shown plants release defence chemicals  in response to caterpillars  munching on them. 

Other points include: Plants fight for territory, seek out food, evade predators and trap prey like what your see in carnivorous plants like the venus fly trap.  They are as alive like any animal, and – like animals – they exhibit behaviour.

  • Can we grow plants from leaves

Yes! Some, but not all plants can be propagated from just a leaf or a section of a leaf. Leaf cuttings of most plants will not generate a new plant; they usually produce only a few roots or just decay. There are many ways you can grow leaves into a new plant, like 1. from a leaf petiole, 2. by dividing a leaf into multiple pieces for example fleshy succulent plants like sanseviera or the snake plant and other succulents. Other methods of propagation like cane or stub cuttings, root cuttings, leaf bud cuttings and so on. I will try to prepare a detailed episode on this topic when I get a chance.

  •   Can Artificial light be used for photosynthesesis and do plants flower in it.

Yes you can.

In fact, good quality LED grow lights are highly efficient, because they provide the exact spectrum of light your plants need. But, Remember one thing: sunlight is free, while good quality LED lights are quite expensive.

  • Can I use coffee as pesticide on plants?
    The Answer is YES: Coffee contains a chemical called caffeine which is considered neurotoxic to many pests like aphids.

You can make a Caffeine Spray. Many research studies have shown that caffeine combined with other insecticides increases their killing power. In one test, a small dose of caffine increased a known pesticide’s potency by ten times.
So how do I make a Caffiene Spray. Its simple. You just have to make a cocktail solution. I always prefer organic mixes. You can use any recipe of your organic pesticide like neem oil, clove oil or whatever, and add one or two tablesspoons of used coffee grounds or 1 or 2 teaspoons of fresh coffee if you like to use it for your plants.  Mix well and let it marinate for about 24 hours and then strain it and spray it once a while with your regular pesticide. That’s it. You can watch a detailed video on a Cocktail mixed organic pesticide recipe.

Now lastly a Funny Question!

  • How do I prevent my neighbours from stealing my plants and fruits from my garden?

Some might think of installing a burglar alarm or fencing it well or locking their gardens. But I suggest one simple remedy to this problem. First of all, interact with them and make friends with them even if you do not like them. Talk about exchanging your plants, seeds or cuttings. You take the first step and present them some of your good plants or cuttings. That is all!


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Happy Gardening!

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